Tips for Buying the Right Air Compressor

It can be a confusing finding the right air compressor for your wants unless you are upgrading from compressor you have at home. If you are buying a compressor for the first time, the chances are you do not have air tools, and so finding the right compressor is not easy. So, with the market offering numerous options of air compressors, how do you identify the ideal compressor for your needs? Numerous buyer’s guides recommend choosing an air compressor with roughly 2 times the output needed by your greatest air tool, but that is a problem when one is stating out and have no pneumatic tools. When you mull over the right things, you undoubtedly find the perfect compressor. Listed below are a few elements that you will want to take into account when shopping for an air compressor to ensure that go for the right selection.

To start with, identify the right size for your air compressor. Sizes vary and want will suit will highly depend on how you are using it, your space and any other elements. If you need a compressor suited for a consumer-grade where you will be using it at home, the best option would be a small and portable selection. However, their main weakness is that they can overheat and unreliable if you need continuous compressed air flow as they are powered by pistons. If you need one for a professional-grade, a good model would be bigger than the consumer-grade that can run several air compressor at a go. Larger units may operate on rotary screw technology, providing additional power and greater pressurized air.

When it comes to purchasing an air compressor, the CFM (cubic feet per minute) counts as well. The CFM will explain how fast the air compressor can deliver air, For a tool that needs air faster than what air compressor can offer it, you may require to stop working to give the compressor time to catch up.

In addition to that, also think about the power source of the air compressor. The two main options are electric air compressors and a fuel-powered compressor. An environmentally cleaner option would be the electric compressors, but they have limited portability because they need to be connected to a power outlet for them to run. Electric compressor models are a good selection if you are looking for an option that emits no pollutants, but you should know most of them are not portable as they require to be plugged in a power outlet. When it comes to fuel-powered air compressors, you will find petrol compressors and diesel compressors.

Last but not least, also consider maintenance and longevity when selecting an option. There are the oil-lubricated compressors and oil-free compressor, where the oil option need oil to have their parts function optimally hence need more maintenance. The oil-free models do not need to be oiled therefore need little maintenance; perhaps that is why they are more popular of the two.

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