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Tips For Finding The Best Bow For Your Bowhunting

There are many hobbies that you can engage in during your leisure time; such as bowhunting, fishing, gardening among others. Of all that there are, bow hunting has grown to be a favorite outdoor activity for many people.

In fact, bowhunters make a larger portion of the hunting population. In the year 2015, Archery Trade Association indicated that around 11.9 million Americans took joined in bowhunting activities that took place.

If you need nothing but the best when it comes to bowhunting, then you need to hunt for the best bow. There is a wide range of bows that you can find in the market these days, but depending on the features that you are looking at, you might have to be careful to choose the one that suits your needs. Here are top ten best bows that you might want to consider.

Mathews-Halon Five is considered the best bow so far. It is the fastest dual-cam speed bow. It has a massive parallel limbs and has a dual-bridge rise. It weighs 4.6 lbs and can attain IBO speed of 353 fps. It also has a low-vibration and is quite quiet.

The Bear Moment comes second. The Moment’s EAZ Hybrid cam application system gives the bow such an ultra-smooth draw as well as an IBO of 340 fps. What is more is that the Moment’s reflex riser gives the bow a great precision and also adds strength to the bow. It comes with features such as the Bear’s signature SonicStop string suppression that is helpful when it comes to minimizing the swing and sound as well.

The Bowtech Reign is ranked the third on the list. It is relatively new in the market. It is known for its powerfulness, silence, and balance, and has a smooth drawback. It has a new outrigger counterweight system that is created to offset the weight of any accessories. With this, you won’t feel like you are sacrificing the customizability with this kind of bow.

The next one is the Hoyt Pro Defiant. It has an IBO speed of 331 fps. It has the luxury of the precision and quiet bows. The bow falls on the shorter end of the spectrum, an estimated 30.5″ on the axle to axle. It also has several ranges of the draw length and draw weight that can suit any archer.

Then we have the fifth one, the Diamond Infinite Edge, a bow that is comfortable to use and has a sterling performance. Its draws are easy to adjust, making it a perfect choice for both the adults and the little ones. Since they are lightweight, they are ideal for the novice archers. You may even buy the string dampeners to reduce its noises.

The 6th one is the PSE Evolve, a special bow that is designed to produce top-end bows. The shooters can choose to let it go at 65 to 90 percent and still keep the full power. At 90 percent, the bow achieves an IBO of 346 fps. It also comes with a rigid platform and a smooth draw.

Other kinds of bows that you can get are the New Breed Blade, the Elite Impulse, the Prime Rize and the Obsession Def-Con 6.