Figuring Out Vlogging

Things to Keep in Mind When Vlogging

The popularity of vlogging has certainly reached new heights that it is often called as the “new reality TV.” With the help of video sharing sites, dozens of people are getting their share of fame overnight. Regardless if you are into vlogging or if you are one of its avid audiences, it is indeed worth noting that vlogging would be around for a long time.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging or video blogging is an upgrade of the common blogging. It uses a storyline or a simple script and is capable of reaching out to millions of people around the world. With a shot taken by the best vlogging camera, a common story or a simple script can become an exceptional video to watch. People who have found their fame through vlogging have also found a fat check waiting for them when their videos reach thousands of views.

Things Required

When planning to make your vlogging a profession, it is always best to invest in the best vlogging camera instead of just settling with your camera phone. The right camera will give your video a professional touch that no ordinary cellphone camera can ever deliver.

It’s not just the quality of the picture that you will achieve as you can also record the entire film with excellent audio. Precision and quality are two of the things that you would surely benefit from the best vlogging camera.

Bright Lights

Lighting is a very important element when shooting a video, regardless of kind. Remember, it is a vlog that you are shooting and everyone would want to see your face, unless you are doing animation work. The right lighting will make a huge difference when shooting your video.

A well-lighted area with the best vlogging camera would translate to a well-shot video. Your vlogging camera will produce crisp and vivid videos when it is complemented with the right lighting.

Come Up with a Good Story to Tell

Vlogging requires that you have your own script if not a storyline to follow. Sure you can just do impromptu, but without any guide on how and what story you want to tell, you’ll surely lose your audience. You’ll likely lose your potential subscribers when viewers think you’re just wasting their time over nonsensical things.

When you don’t have an interesting story to tell nor a witty script to follow, you are just wasting the best vlogging camera. Come up with a plan on what you want to accomplish before you start shooting.


Find the time to prepare the area where you will be shooting in advance. The last thing you’d want to see on the comments section are people who are making fun of your background. Tidy up the place and make sure that everything looks presentable. This is especially true if you plan to do your vlogging live.

Figuring Out Vlogging

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